100% Pure Motivation!!!

cropped-ipm-book-pic.jpg“At some point in your life you have to fall back and look at yourself from a spectator’s view. It allows you to assess your growth/ maturation in it’s entirety. It also gives you an accurate measurement of your strengths and weaknesses. This creates the focus point necessary to identify the areas in your life that need the most improvement. Most importantly, falling back allows you to see the affect that you have on others. Believe it or not, each and everyone of us have a living testimony. Whether it’s good or bad, we add pages to this testimony daily. With that being said, now imagine viewing yourself from the eyes of the spectator who has nothing, thirsty for a word of encouragement, and in need of definite proof that things will get better.
What do you have to offer?”

 -The Preface of “iProvoke Me 99